Smile Design

There's an amazing smile within us all. Let Dr. Boudreau help you achieve yours!

Smiles by design in our Cincinnati dental office, Boudreau Dental Studio, are an all-encompassing cosmetic treatment plan focused on the beauty and vitality of your smile. Matching the science of dentistry with artful creativity, the talent of Dr. Boudreau gives her the ability to transform your smile worries into a stunning smile that will last for ages.

Actual Patient.

Smile design takes your smile troubles and makes them over into something worth smiling about. Stains and discoloration, chips and cracks, crooked teeth or spaces can all be corrected.

All aspects of your personality and facial features are considered in the creation of your treatment. Face shape, skin tone, eye and hair color, lip line, and gum line are all evaluated during your smile design by our Cincinnati dentist. Whatever is needed to enhance the stability and aesthetic appeal of your smile can be completed right in our office. Your smile design may include a combination of any of the following cosmetic dental treatments:

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It is important to Dr. Boudreau that you are completely satisfied with the outcome of your new smile. A temporary mock-up of your end result is like a living model in your mouth. This allows you to address any concerns with Dr. Boudreau, giving her the opportunity to correct any part of your new smile you are worried about. Once you are 100% happy with what you see, you and Dr. Boudreau will move into the permanent phase of your smile design treatment plan.

Our goal in smile design is to redesign your smile into something that matches your appearance and personality, is strong, and is completely natural-looking. Begin your smile by design with our Cincinnati dentist, by calling us at Boudreau Dental Studio to set up your consultation. You’ll be amazed by what a brand new smile can do for you!

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