Metal Free Fillings

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If you need a filling but aren’t excited about having a smile full of ugly metal, you’re in luck. Dr. Boudreau offers eye-pleasing metal-free fillings to Cincinnati patients who are looking for an alternative to traditional metal amalgam fillings.

Metal-free fillings are preferred by patients and dentists because they are prettier and safer. Designed of white composite materials, metal-free fillings blend naturally with the appearance of your remaining tooth structure. Their strong bonding properties make them a long-lasting solution that adds strength to the tooth and locks out tooth-damaging bacteria.

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Many studies continue to be done on the health risks of metal fillings. Metal amalgam fillings contain mercury, which is thought to give off a vapor that can be absorbed easily by the body. However, this is a very controversial topic. What is known is that metal fillings can be damaging to the tooth structure, as they expand and contract to temperature changes, putting the tooth at risk of cracking, and allowing bacteria to get trapped beneath the filling.

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At Boudreau Dental Studio, Dr. Boudreau provides metal-free fillings in Cincinnati as a safe, attractive way to restore a tooth in need of a filling. For caring, comprehensive family and restorative dental care, contact our office to set up your appointment today.

Boudreau Dental Studio offers metal-free fillings in Cincinnati for caring and comprehensive dentistry.