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At Boudreau Dental Studio, we offer dental care in the form of crowns for Cincinnati patients that restore the health and vitality of your smile in as little as one office visit. Dental crowns may be used to cover severely decayed, cracked, or otherwise damaged teeth. Typically, a dental crown is crafted to fit perfectly over a tooth in need of repair, or can be used as the new “tooth” in a dental implant or bridge treatment plan. In any case, the purpose of a dental crown is to repair the strength, function and aesthetic appearance of a damaged or missing tooth.

Advanced Technology and Same-Day Crowns.

Dr. Boudreau proudly offers a variety of dental crown design solutions, crafted to fit the needs of the patient involved. Dental crowns are designed using a combination of metal and/or ceramic porcelain, and can be created for same-day fitting in the comforts of our dental office, or artistically composed by our AACD-accredited dental lab. Through a thorough evaluation, Dr. Boudreau can help you decide which type of dental crown meets your individual needs the best.

When it is decided that a dental crown is needed, treatment will begin with an assessment of the tooth that needs to be covered. Dr. Boudreau will take an impression of the tooth and fit it with a temporary restoration if your crown will be designed by a lab. Once your dental crown is finished being designed, it will be fit and cemented to the tooth for maximum comfort and durability.

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Same-Day Crowns

At Boudreau Dental Studio, it’s possible to repair your tooth in one easy office visit. Using an E4D milling machine, a new all-porcelain crown can be custom-fabricated right here in our office.

Same day crowns eliminate your need for a temporary crown and multiple office visits in order to restore and protect the health of your tooth. After your tooth is prepared, an optical scan is made using the E4D system and sent to the milling system. In a short amount of time, the new crown is produced and ready to be placed on your tooth. This process is extremely conservative and convenient.

Dental crowns are a common restorative dental treatment that improves the strength, function and beauty of unhealthy teeth. Dr. Boudreau takes time and care when creating dental crowns in our Cincinnati dental office, to ensure each restoration comes out perfectly. For top-notch family and restorative dental care, visit us at Boudreau Dental Studio.

Same day Cincinnati dental crowns can be yours in one easy office visit at Boudreau Dental Studio.